Curtain 440 inspires, challenges, educates, and entertains audience and theatre artists through presentations of theatrical productions ranging from classics to contemporary shows to new works. We believe that art and theatre are invaluable to creating a nurturing, diverse, and fulfilling neighborhood and strive to educate and inspire through theatre and community.



Community involvement throughout northeast Ohio is a crucial and vital part of Curtain 440. Through performances at many different locations for audiences of all ages, openly auditioned productions, volunteers, student internships, and local business support, we keep the values and involvement of the community close.


Curtain 440 is committed to creating an atmosphere that allows and encourages our artists to do their finest, through hard work and passion. We believe in challenging our actors, artists, and audience and the reward that comes from that.


The education of students (and adults) is a vital component of Curtain 440. Youth programs start with the basics of confidence, teamwork, fun, and the reward of creating and will build to challenging and diverse productions exploring diversity, social issues, history, literature, and more. Education does not stop at graduation, and through these programs we hope to challenge our actors and audience.


Curtain 440 is committed to fostering inclusion and diversity from all backgrounds.


Beautiful and rewarding theatre cannot be achieved without the respect and nurturing of the organization. Through safety, respect, and mutual appreciation, Curtain 440 sponsors a fun and fulfilling environment.